With over decades of experience in promoting consolidated learning to the youth of India , I am happy to acknowledge that our school have indeed come a long way.

Education not only connotes state-of-the-art infrastructure , vast number of students , well stocked libraries etc. Its distinguishing feature is the emphasis on preparing students to face life itself , through efforts to develop their personality and character to cope with the problems and challenges of the complex world of today.

At Jupiter Academy , we strive to provide our pupils with an ideal environment conclusive to the holistic development of the child. With support of well-qualified and dedicated teachers , we raise happy and learned kids utilising latest teaching methodology and aids.

The new academic session is going to start soon and I welcome all the new students. I am also sure that all the parents would extend their fullest support to us in our effort to help their wards grow up as a responsible and responsive citizens of the great country. I greet the new entrants and wish them a fruitful and bright future.

Sandeep Bhatnagar


Jupiter Academy