Jupiter Academy came to existence at a small fabrication shop owned by Mr. Sandeep Bhatnagar by starting evening classes for the unprivileged students in 1998. With the support of his wife Mrs. Sunita Bhatnagar , they both started teaching unprivileged students after the shop closed. Slowly the integer of students increases to 100+ and it was difficult to teach them in a small shop. In the initial stage with help of family and well wishers, the couple started a formal school for unprivileged students. The couple didn’t know that their small effort can take a big turn and going to leave a positive impact on the lives of thousands through education.

Now Jupiter Academy is a center of
learning and action research for
promoting self-dependence among
slum and street children through
spread of education and
entrepreneurship came into
existence on 17.9.2001 as a society
registered under Indian Societies Act
(1860). The Vision of the Academy
is “a Society free from ignorance
and hunger, resplendent with the
light of education and
entrepreneurship”. Towards this the mission statement is “To enable the underprivileged children
and other deprived persons to have access to education, healthcare, employment or
entrepreneurship skill to attain economic self dependence and social employment”.