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Our Policy (Towards Children)

We firmly believe that children are the nucleus of families. No family neglects children. Yet it is children who are most vulnerable to malnutrition and lack of education because they are dependent on already depleted or frugal financial resources. By making children capable of financially supporting their own schooling. We can better ensure their education. This may even lend a helping hand and reforming stimulus to the family bread-earner.

The children should be moulded into change agents. We therefore organize them into sort of Self Help Groups. This enhances financial discipline and entrepreneurship.

Why do we exist?

The reasons of our existence is to pave the way for self –dependence among the children of the underprivileged families as also extending a helping hand by way of financial support to the elderly persons who have none to look after for youth and the middle-aged what is utmost necessary is gainful employment which can enable them to take care of the upbringing of the children and look after of the ageing parents and dependents.

Thus the vision of the Academy is “Spreading the light of education and entrepreneurship to make the society free from hunger and ignorance.”

The mission of the academy is “to enable the underprivileged children and persons to have access to education, health service and employment to entrepreneurial skill to attain economic self-dependence and social empowerment.”

What do we do?

In order to achieve the goal set out the Academy is engaged in the following act of activities:

  1. Running formal schools to prepare the children for mainstream education.
  2. Providing teaching support to dropouts and arranging bridge courses.
  3. Spreading awareness on health among the underprivileged families for the well being of the community.
  4. Conducting action research and preparation of IEC material and development literature for the benefit of voluntary organizations engaged in education, livelihood, gender equity, social justice and sustainable environment.
  5. Holding child right training programme as also workshop on childhood, NREGA, RTI and Family Life Education (FLE).
  6. Organizing need based vocational training programme.