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Education is the foundation of the country. Let us not dilute it, the main purpose of the determination of Jupiter Academy. The purpose of the academy is the education of poor children at least intermediate with vocational training that can be provided free of cost.

This effort is not a burden on the child, the family and society and the country as a family and society and gives the country a better condition and direction. Lining of education is very low in our country today. The biggest reason is ignorance towards education. So each of educated Indians and youth’s duty to develop their country.

Education to education for disadvantaged conscious effort to educate society to fulfill their obligations to the country. All parents to improve their children’s future Of course conducted in the school enrollment. If anyone needs anything that will assist them as much as the body.

Jupiter academy keeping its resolutions are always striving for society and country. There are approximately 40million students in India under Graduate, after that get lost in the crowd of unemployment. Every year we can increase literacy in the correct use of Under Graduate students.

Under Graduate courses should be added an additional subject which is compulsory for all. In this case, all students have to take responsibility for creating a literate person.

Teachers will be assessed this subject. In the last year, there are a couple of points in the evaluation should be based on the points list. Every year will be 40 million people literate. 40 million people every year without any government or additional expense would be literate.